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Who They Are

Rescue From The Hart is a 501c3 Los Angeles dog rescue founded by Annie Hart and her husband - James Hart, after years of advocacy and animal rescue. We have dedicated our lives to saving abandoned and abused animals from local shelters and the streets and ultimately finding them loving forever homes. 


We provide each of our rescues with top-notch medical and emotional care through trusted vets, trainers and foster homes. We believe that these efforts - coupled with spay/neuter programs and educating the public - are the three key elements to eliminating pet overpopulation problems across the world.


The first step to solving any problem is acknowledging that you have one. By sharing the stories of those we save, Rescue From the Hart demonstrates how countless animals are victims of circumstance and thrive when given a second chance - thus inspiring others to join our efforts and effect change.


The Rescue Promise


There is an old Chinese proverb that states: “If you save a life, you are responsible for that life”. Rescue From The Hart honors this philosophy with every animal that we rescue. When we say “yes” to a dog or cat in need, we are making a promise that we will provide them with anything they need to be happy and healthy, for the rest of their life. This means never cutting corners, never take the easy way out and never looking at one of our rescued as just another number. We make the same commitment to our adopters by going the extra mile to help educate them, support them during tragedies, and be there to offer solutions if their lives happen to get turned upside down.


When you support Rescue From The Hart, you help enable us to continue making the “Rescue Promise” to homeless and abandoned pets everywhere!

Rescue from the Hart



Our third graders are very passionate about raising money to help those in need. One of the organizations they work very closely with is Rescue from the Hart. An organization that helps save animals and put them in homes where people will love them and care for them. With the help of Mrs. Barneck and our 3rd grade teachers they raise money and supplies that help volunteers at Rescue from the Hart save as many animals as they can!

Make a Donation to Rescue From The Hart!

Support our work and save an animal's life now.
Give one time, give monthly to help make a difference.


Or, Send a Donation by Mail to:

Rescue from the Hart

PO Box 8024

Van Nuys, CA 91409

Their Team


James & Annie Hart: Founders

JT Gorham: Lead Foster

Heather Ibbitson: Adoption Event Manager

Patty Mann: Volunteer Adoption Counsler

Connie Chan: Volunteer Admin Support



And many other wonderful volunteers and fosters who make 

Rescue From The Hart possible!

Rescue from the Hart is a ground breaking, 501c3 non- profit Los Angeles dog rescue group, that works with local and global communities to effect change. By sharing stories about our rescue efforts via social media, we aim to inspire others to take action within their own communities. Whether you rescue, foster, adopt, volunteer, donate, advocate, or "share"- you too can give hope to abandoned and forgotten animals everywhere.



One of the most vital contributions to rescue is so often the toughest to find. Loving fosters are the backbone of any animal rescue organization, as they give dogs that have been rescued the opportunity to start learning, or remembering, how to be part of a family, how to give and receive love, and in short – they learn how to be a dog.


When a dog is moved to foster they no longer require costly stays at a veterinary hospital or boarding, and blossom given the opportunity to be part of a family unit. While in foster care, Rescue From The Hart continues covering the dog’s expenses, including medical, food, grooming and supplies. In return, our fosters provide a safe, stable environment, and most importantly, love for our dogs while they await their forever homes.

Fostering is truly one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer, and the more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save.  When you foster, you are not only helping the dog in your care, you are also helping us rescue another dog. Become a foster today and make a difference that will last a lifetime!


Click here to apply to be a foster!

It Takes a Village


Rescue From The Hart has built a community of engaged adopters, donors, volunteers, fosters and fans that learn from our efforts and take action within their own communities. With our village of vested animal lovers growing daily, this enables us to create small and large-scale solutions that will lead us closer to the day when no cat or dog is left behind. Help us make a difference and join our village today!