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Are you interested in becoming a playground leader?

Would you be prepared to:

  • Give up some of your lunchtimes
  • Help to organise games & activities for younger children in the


  • Be responsible for handing out & collecting in play equipment

  • Help to make your playground a safe & happy place to play

  • Complete a playground leaders course. 

If your child is interested in being a play leader contact their teacher.

Play Leaders

Play leaders are an essential part of our day at Sunlamd Elementary. Higher grade students, who demonstrate responsibility, respect, and safety, are chosen to lead the younger students during their Lunch Recess. These leaders will facilitate games and ensure that the younger students are being safe and following the game and playground rules. At the end of the school year play leaders get to celebrate their hard work together with the Principal with an Ice Cream Party.


clip art kids playing.gif


Play leaders training has many benefits. Recent studies have noted that the time pupils spend in the playground is approximately 20% of their school day. The Play Leaders program helps pupils to utilise this time in a positive way. By running a Play Leaders program schools may notice the following benefits:

  • Pupils develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication, cooperation and a sense of responsibility
  • The work of adults within the school is supported e.g. Midday Supervisors are supported by Play Leaders delivering activities at lunchtime
  • Older children are provided with an opportunity to work with younger children, thereby promoting integration and social inclusion and citizenship
  • Playground incidents are reduced in number
  • Pupils return to lessons with increased concentration and this helps to raise achievement across the whole school
  • Increased activity at play time encourages pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle and helps to reduce the problems associated with obesity